Decentralise Everything

This year I found myself more “available” than previous years and decided to commit to being a “Space Wrangler” for this year's Mozilla Festival. I was »

Decentralise Now

It's funny how things turn out. Six years ago when I decided to blog about my thoughts about a 'radically new' and decentralised web; snappily titled »

Trint - Lessons Learned

In November 2014 I co-founded Trint with Dan Schultz and Jeffrey Kofman. Monday, March the 6th 2017 was my last day as employee, CTO and Director »

The Road to Trint

Gotta love KnightLab's Timeline JS - thought it would be a great way to document my 6 year obsession with audio-aligned text and why I've been »


I thought I could escape it, I thought I could just be a developer, but then came the projects and then the management of the projects »