Rethinking Remixing

Much of the current web is powered by advertising. It’s a model that means many services can be given away (seemingly) for free – but really »

Pocketing Audio and Video - A Product Proposal

Pocket follows a long line of bookmarking services that allow you to tag and save web pages, as a bonus it will convert the web page »

Hyperaudio for the TikTok Generation

I only really started paying attention to TikTok when a friend of mine began posting TikToks in a common Slack group. (I'm assuming they are called »

Hyperaudio for Schools

When building products we always seem to be in such a rush. I write this as we enter the eighth year of working on an idea »

Decentralisation - MozFest 2018 - a Facilitator's Perspective

In October last year it was my distinct pleasure to help wrangle the Decentralisation Space at the ninth Mozilla Festival in London, UK. There’s certainly »