Decentralisation - MozFest 2018 - a Facilitator's Perspective

In October last year it was my distinct pleasure to help wrangle the Decentralisation Space at the ninth Mozilla Festival in London, UK. There’s certainly »

Decentralisation - MozFest 2018

Retro-mania? We live in times where the threat of dystopia seems real and ever-present. It’s often at moments like these that people look around them, »

Decentralisation at the Mozilla Festival

At the end of last year I helped wrangle the Decentralization Space at the Mozilla Festival in London. This was the first year such a space »

Decentralise Everything

This year I found myself more “available” than previous years and decided to commit to being a “Space Wrangler” for this year's Mozilla Festival. I was »

Decentralise Now

It's funny how things turn out. Six years ago when I decided to blog about my thoughts about a 'radically new' and decentralised web; snappily titled »