Media Accessibility

In one way or another I’ve been working on media accessibility for over a decade now – this post is an attempt to collect my thoughts »

The Way We Speak

It’s not entirely obvious until you see speech written down, quite how people speak in uniquely different ways. Speech, unlike written language, is often direct, »

Hyperaudio for Conferences and Grant for the Web

A few weeks ago we received the exciting news that our application for funding from the Grant for the Web (GftW) programme had been accepted for »

MozFest Accessibility with Hyperaudio

As you can tell from our new homepage there are a few directions in which we can take Hyperaudio. Fundamentally Hyperaudio is about making audiovisual media »

Fighting Disinformation with Media Literacy

I was recently shocked to hear that a significant number of people believe that Helen Keller did not write the books that have been attributed to »